Welcome to the next generation of cancer imaging and treatment.

Our paradigm-changing small molecule radiopharmaceutical platform identifies and kills tumors at the sub-cellular level to beat cancer at its core.

Powerful Small Molecule Platform

PARP inhibitors (PARPi) are proven drugs treating PARP-1 expressing cancers. Our signature, small-molecule approach packs a one-two punch that binds to the cell nucleus to identify susceptible tumors and create lethal, double-stranded DNA breaks that kill cancer cells.

Predictive Companion Diagnostic

This novel diagnostic identifies PARP-1 expressing tumors, predicts patient response and guides effective treatment, sparing patients unnecessary toxicity. With a three-year research lead over the competition, our diagnostic is anticipated for use as a companion diagnostic to current PARPi therapies and a predictive biomarker for our cutting-edge small-molecule alpha radiotherapeutic.

Targeted Alpha Therapy

Our alpha radiotherapeutic is at the forefront of modern precision oncology. It is the only alpha radiotherapeutic deployed as a small molecule that targets sub-cellular cancer DNA with a lethal radioactive charge to the cell nucleus, killing the cancer cell. Using Astatine-211, our alpha radiotherapeutic reaches the cancer target quickly, releases powerful radiation at the most vulnerable spot and clears the body quickly.

Who We Are

We’re on a mission to cure breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Our team of experts and scientific board of advisors have extensive experience in small molecule radiopharmaceuticals and a proven track record in scientific research and multi-center trials. We are well positioned to hit the ground running with our unique theranostic solution. Trevarx offers multi-center trial expertise, regulatory support and GMP manufacturing to foster rapid commercialization of our radiopharmaceutical technologies.

Why Trevarx?

Our unique approach takes advantage of the proven PARPi platform to identify PARP-1 expressing tumors to guide PARPi therapy and to deliver powerful cancer treatment via small molecule radioisotopes. This allows for more precise identification, targeting and destruction of cancer at the sub-cellular level through lethal, double-stranded DNA breaks.

Partner With Us

Learn how you can be a part of the paradigm-changing solution that will change the way we treat cancer.

Partner With Us

Learn how you can be a part of the paradigm-changing solution that will change the way we treat cancer.