About Us

At Trevarx Biomedical, we’re on a mission to cure breast, ovarian and prostate cancer with cutting-edge cancer imaging and treatment. Our paradigm-changing, small molecule radiopharmaceutical platform delivers precision theragnostic treatments that identify, target and destroy PARP-1 expressing tumors and beat cancer at its core.

Our Unique Approach Includes:

Novel PARPi Platform

Our groundbreaking, small-molecule carrier offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment capabilities to guide and deliver precision care for patients with PARP-1 expressing tumors.

Predictive Companion Diagnostic

With a three-year research lead over the competition, our innovative, patented PET-imaging agent pinpoints PARP-1 expressing tumors, predicts treatment response and guides effective treatment options, sparing patients unnecessary toxicity.

Targeted Alpha Therapy

Our powerful, patented alpha therapeutic binds to the cell nucleus and delivers a cytotoxic radioactive charge directly to the PARP-1 expressing tumor, killing the cancer cell by creating double-stranded DNA breaks.

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in small molecule radiopharmaceuticals and a proven track record in scientific research and multi-center trials. Our prestigious board of scientific advisors provides guidance, expertise and oversight to ensure that we are well-positioned for rapid commercialization of our unique theragnostic solution.

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